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Program A

Conscious Capitalist Consultant Certification



key benefits

who should attend
  • 1,5 hour live online session per week (9 weeks)

  • 1 hours weekly offline work

  • 1 hours weekly offline peer mentoring session

  • 50 min mentoring meeting

Total: 30 hours​

  • conscious capitalists

  • business leaders

  • people managers

  • consultants

next programs

Apr. and Sep. 2023

Feb., Apr., and Sep 2024

Programs are offered in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew-English

We welcome you to the opportunity of joining a select of professionals aligned with our purpose: to accelerate the upgrade of organizations to create a more conscious business ecosystem. This is the first program, since 2016 has created the largest community of change agents in the world. We are 800+ Certified Conscious Capitalist Consultants distributed in 21 countries. This is the only program with the exclusive access to Conscious Capitalism Field Guide (Harvard Business Review Press). Welcome to CBJAcademy.

This Program is designed specifically for professionals who are interested in implementing the fundamentals of conscious capitalism in their organization or serving other organizations in the evolutionary process to lead the transition to the new economy and built a TEAL organization.

The Program features small-group, faculty-led consultations; customized content, case-based experience; and unprecedented access to exclusive conscious capitalism knowledge and 40 actionable tools, and exclusive insights from Conscious Capitalism Field Guide (Harvard)—all of whom, committed to deliver a transformational learning experience.

  • Deep dive into the Fundamentals of Conscious Capitalism

  • Advanced techniques for activating and upgrading conscious businesses

  • 40+ exclusive tools for project implementation

  • Real-world case studies

  • Case based learning throughout the program

  • Networking

  • Opportunity to join and learn from our Conscious Capitalist Consultant Community

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