walk the talk

Program B

new fast track, methods to implement conscious capitalism


  • 9 hours in campus

  • 2 hours webinar

who should attend

- conscious capitalists

- business leaders

- people managers

- consultants

upcoming program

February 19, 2019

Tel Aviv, Israel

it's one thing to hear how other businesses successfully implement conscious capitalism model, and a totally different thing to be able to duplicate the success by owning a one of a kind tool kit, including tips and tricks. 

this course is 100% focused on the practical side of conscious capitalism model:

how to easily asses the gaps between current and desired status - for each fundamental of the conscious capitalism model

how to choose focus areas

how to build an action plan that will have a huge impact on future business' performance

how to engage key change agents in the organization, even when leadership is not 100% aligned

key benefits

clear understanding of conscious capitalism fundamentals

new strategic actionable insights about running a conscious business


practical tools to map the conscious journey for any business


ability to build an action plan to implement conscious capitalism 

confident and knowledge of how to lead the change within organizations

we will be happy to give you more details