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Fresh Biz Game
The new Way of doing Business

Welcome to the FreshBiz Game page. This game as been freated by Ronen Gafni and Simcha Glock in Israel. Two entrepreneurs that believe that business can be played in a much better way and with this experimental journey we can learn from them 

Are you interested in learning more about the game, expand team's collaboration, explore innovation, experiment the fundamentals of conscious capitalism, contact us here

FreshBiz Game Thomas Eckschmidt Ronen Gafni Conscious Business Journey Capitalism leadersh

The game take 3 to 4 hours to run, depending on the goals set for the session.

30 min - explaining the rules
80 minutes - game play

70 to 130 min - debriefing and action plan

Suggestion for reading and learning:

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Os-Novos-Empreendedores_EditoraVoo Thomas eckschmidt capitalismo negocios conscientes rone
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