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first session

an idea comes to life when you believe in it

In April 2015 - São Paulo, Brazil, the first program on Fundamentals of Conscious Capitalism was held at Casa do Saber. We had 6 session of 3 hours each running on a weekly basis. 

After the intro on capitalism and the four fundamentals, we invites a CEO to be part of the discussion on how to live each principle in the daily live in their business. Marcos Ribeiro, CEO of Jacto (main manufacturer of agricultural equipment in Brasil), Jayme Garfinkel, CEO of Porto Seguro (main insurance company in Brasil), Claudia Martins, CEO of Interface in Brasil (carpet manufacturing company) and Artur Tacla SVP-People at BRF (major poultry and pork processor in the world).

This first session had 42 participants.

for the first time we brought theory and practice together - from purpose to practice.

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