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you want to make the world a better place through business. 

that's a long ride.  let's do it together

we offer actionable knowledge

one of our programs 
is your next step in the journey

we believe we cracked the code of taking conscious business idea and making it actionable, doable and measurable. we are anxious to share this priceless knowledge with you and provide you with practical super-tools, for a successful journey


take a look at our today's main courses:

program A
road map
deep dive into conscious capitalism fundamentals

rethink and re-frame everything you knew about capitalism and new approcahes

program B
walk the talk
walk the talk.png
new methodologies to shape conscious businesses

be able to build a tailor made, fast track to success action plan to any business  

program C
lead the way
one-of-a-kind tool box to lead and guide others

confidently guide individuals and organizations to become more conscious 


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about our own journey

hello there

conscious business journey   is a US based, for-profit company, founded by a group of enthusiastic conscious capitalists. all of us led at some point conscious capitalism chapters under Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

we nurtured communities, wrote articles and books about making capitalism more conscious, in parallel to build our own businesses. 

what brought us together was the passion to make this vision more actionable, clear and easy to implement in any business. 


so we combined our knowledge and developed practical programs, which are happily and rapidly being adopted by conscious capitalists around the world. 

our purpose is to accelerate conscious business impact of making the world a better place, by empowering people. 



what people say about our programs

the most powerful experience I had in my career. for me, it has a huge impact on my personal, not only on my career and my organization

Efrat Livneh Hadas,

EVP HR, Pluristem

After being in so many courses and workshops, I can surely say that it was the highlight. It wraps everything together so logically

Galia Ben Haim

NLP Trainer

this was the best session on how to implement conscious capitalism I ever had

Alfredo Hoyos Mazuera

CEO & Founder, Frisby Colombia

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