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Program C

professional certification to guide and inspire others in their journey


key benefits


  • 72 hours:  3 sessions of 2 days each

  • 6 online sessions

who should attend

- organizational consultants

- CC chapter members

- business trainers

- L&D managers

upcoming program

this certification course enables consultants and active conscious capitalists to reach the highest level of their conscious leadership by influencing and guiding others to adopt the model.

the course includes deep dive to theory with focus on practical aspects, surfacing and confronting all potential issues for any kind of business on the conscious journey.

the course includes meeting top leaders and practicing a high level of workshop challenges.

new strategic insights about the meaning of running a conscious business


practical tools to map the conscious journey for any business and build an action plan

ability to facilitate conscious capitalism sessions and to lead people from knowledge to engagement

becoming a trusted, certified trainer of conscious business journey TM and FreshBiz

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