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First Program on Fundamentals of Conscious Capitalism

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

After 5 years of a conscious journey into the conscious capitalism philosophy, 2 years leading the Brazilian Conscious Capitalism Chapter, 1 year after a Conscious Capitalism TEDx Talk, more that 100 talks on conscious capitalism and hundreds of request for a more practical approach to conscious capitalism, in April 2015 we launched the first program on Fundamentals of Conscious Capitalism in Sao Paulo, Brazil in partnership with Casa do Saber and Conscious Capitalism Brazil.

The audience at Casa do Saber participating in the first program on fundamentals of conscious capitalism, the seed of CBJourney
First Session on Fundamentals of Conscious Capitalism

The Experiment

The program had 6 weekly meeting of 3 hours each. We had an open introductory session and 5 closed paid sessions following the intro. Each session we covered one of the four fundamentals of conscious capitalism and we also had a CEO to share their personal experience in this topic. The last session, closing, was focused on communication and how some tools such as NVC, Mediation and other techniques are important and present in all these fundamentals when building a conscious business

The Crowd

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